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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 4, 2019 12:30am-12:46am CET

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what secrets lie behind the wall. discover new adventures in the 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w world heritage 36 to get the map now. waiting for an end to the trade war if a deal between china and the u.s. could take far longer than expected as president trump now suggests it can wait until after the u.s. election investors are not happy. also on the show when a surprise appearance facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg goes on record as well coming government regulation. inflation in syria spirals out of control due to the war making food imports impossible to afford. and it was
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a showcase projects for china in africa so why is the. correct answers. for business. it's good to have you with us wall street saw a tough trading day as u.s. president donald trump alarmed investors by saying that a trade deal with china may have to wait until after the 2020 presidential election one year from now during a visit to london claims that china was keen to agree to a deal now but that he was in no rush and was happy to wait markets have been hoping for an end to the u.s. trying a trade war by the end of 2019. and speaking of tariff summit a fresh confrontation between him and will mark or and donald trump over nato a new trade dispute with the e.u. seems more likely than never french economy minister born or lemaire said a u.s. proposal to increase duties on french products like champagne and cheese is quote
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unacceptable the tariffs announced on monday would be a reprisal for a new french digital services tax that would mainly hit american companies like google facebook and amazon french wine and champagne are always popular in the united states last year alone france exported some 3300000000 euros worth of wine the spirits to the u.s. americans also enjoy french cheeses cosmetics and handbags but that could all change with the threatened tariffs tires that france is warning the white house not to introduce a new culture story plus you've been through so we trust in the very principle of sanctions because it's not the right policy we see in allies it's not the right way to go. to do it the united states must know that it will work to engage in a new set of sanctions against france or us the european union will be ready to react and ready to react strongly to. france's digital tax will mainly impact major
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u.s. companies like google facebook amazon and apple which are traditionally been able to keep their foreign tax bills low the tax when it comes into effect will be backdated to january and cover 3 percent of a company's profits from selling advertising and data the french government is hoping it will bring in around half a 1000000000 euros a year but washington says the tax unfairly targets american companies and if the u.s. makes good on its tariffs threat some $2400000000.00 worth of french imports would be hit. all right even though the dow jones could recover a little bit we're still seeing tough times there let's go to new york where our financial correspondent scott is waiting yes we have been talking about the end of the u.s. china trade war for months now what do you make of that statement by don trump. yes no yes no i mean this game is going on for ever at least that's how it seems well what we know what i heard is that u.s.
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president donald trump for quite some time maybe had the intention not to necessarily settle the trade tension with china before the election because the u.s. president might believe that actually he pleases part of his base but then on the other side we also know that escalation of the trade situation is not going to be good for the economy it's all well it's wide open and i'm just waiting for the day that we get a clear yes. and we could have another trade war even with friends as we just saw the u.s. afford a similar trade war with the european union. well. it's not going to be good for anybody and by the way not just france but. countries who have similar digital texas like it's in the austria or turkey could also get hit and then the u.s. president also complained that some of the nato members are not paying their fair
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share so there also could be. measures on this and also with europe and everything seems to be possible at this point is caught giving us the analysis from wall street thank you very much. chinese video sharing app tick-tock is fast becoming a global trend with half a 1000000000 users worldwide but fame could come at a price a u.s. class action lawsuit claims tick-tock transferred vast amounts of user data to chinese servers the lawsuit was filed in california saying tick-tock collect that the data without user consent and that it could be used to identify profile and track customers. now looking at another data leviathan facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg and his wife have been on the c.b.s. this morning show with gayle king she wanted to know more about how to deal with the social media sites extensive influence on political developments 2 here's some
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of what zuckerberg had to say private companies should not be in the position of making so many important decisions balancing different social values that we all care about i think the real answer is for there to be regulation and the where the regulation absolute well i think that there are real issues i think a lot of people are upset and are talking about measures like breaking up the company that are actually to fix these issues right in britain and facebook isn't going to address their the question of political discourse the war in syria has not only cause death and displacement it has pushed many into poverty the country is heavily reliant on food imports but the currency is weaker by the day at the beginning of the week the syrian pound hit a new record low. the cost of war is not only paid in blood here in the syrian city of it lived this restaurant has raised its prices yet again. the
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inflation is too high may god help the people when it comes to a falafel sandwich the price has gone up because of the high price of the raw materials and that forced us to raise the price of the sandwich. when war broke out in syria 9 years ago $47.00 syrian pounds would buy $1.00 now it takes $920.00 there are many reasons for one western countries have strengthened their sanctions against syria syrians living abroad are also sending less money home and a lot of people have been buying dollars to shield their savings from inflation the effects on daily life are dramatic. sugar was $300.00 pounds per kilogram it beaking $600.00 pounds the price went up 100 percent rice was $300.00 then we came in $200.00 pounds or more that it rose more than 100 percent. and no one expects that to change any time soon threatening the very survival of an increasing
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number of syrians. 2 very different economic struggles german companies have been successful in russia for years but recent developments are making it harder to stay in the russian market political disputes with the west are hurting business and the russians are seeking closer ties with china. mercedes in moscow the stock got based companies been making cars here since a religious year it's parent time the group's 1st plant in russia the strategy is to manufacture where you sell using local production to reduce tariff costs german investment in russia total $3200000000.00 in 2018 the highest level in years business with russia is changing at least that the tenor of the latest business climate survey by the german eastern business association which monitors german russian business ties competition from china is a growing threat there's no this is a very difficult development sino russian trade is now twice the size of german
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russian trade it's already hurting us the chinese are moving into sectors that have traditionally been german like machinery and plant engineering and it's mainly about political factors of course for. all in all the business climate for german companies operating in russia is gloomy some of the companies surveyed say excessive bureaucracy a lack of reforms and a weak economy are all responsible and with the russian economy only expected to grow one percent this year most russians won't have the money to splash out on things like new mercedes. a chinese finance 3200000000 dollar rail link between kenya's capital nairobi and port city mombasa west supposed to be a boon for business of logistics companies aren't very keen on the line with many still using trucks now the government is forcing them to use the new railway. when the mombasa nairobi railway line opened 2 years ago the president hailed it
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they're known as. he. is. but many freight operators have shunned it moving a container between the ports and the capital cost $800.00 us dollars with a truck the train costs $1200.00 making food and other goods more expensive it also takes a lot of time for importers to get their goods cleared at the congested nairobi train. they might have to get used to that because now they will have to use the train service kenya owes the chinese lend the ex-im bank $6500000000.00 for the railway and other projects that's about a 10th of its national debt kenya railways says the higher freight charges are
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necessary to meet the loan repayments china has sought to allay fears that it infrastructure projects overload some countries with debt last year a degree to restructure more than $12000000000.00 in repayments owed by ethiopia whose chinese funded railway is also struggling now some kenyan politicians are asking whether their one so promising railway was worth the cost. i guess only time will tell and that's all for this edition of business thank you very much for watching well stay up to date with the business headlines on.
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was the speech of his life perhaps his past. his most difficult chancellor helmut kohl addresses the people of east germany shortly after the fall of the wall. good the crowd clamors for terminology journalist peter lim borg was at the scene. 30 years later looks back on the type system. starts december 19th w.
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. birth. home to millions of species a home worth saving. those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term climate used to green energy solutions and reforestation. to interactive content to teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation low blood vs the multimedia environment series on t.w. . show and flings this is super bowl speaking when i come to the show with a ding dong xoai and concerts with the mistress guests being silenced so.
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any credible location. will come tonight. every week on c.w. . as. hello and a very warm welcome to news from world culture now this is just one of the art installations on a florida beach heralding the contemporary art. basel in miami beach also coming up in the next quarter of an hour. the architect fana chong creates buildings high up in the mountains more like. a giant dragon is marauding through the streets of kauai in france but it's
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just on the move. is one of the leading contemporary art fairs in the world originating in the swiss city back in 1970 it has expanded so much that it now holds art fairs in hong kong for the asian market and in miami to attract of course american by us this year in miami there's more for sale than ever before and also more public installations for all to see like this one at the beach. a traffic jam sinking into a world famous speech miami beach this is one of the public installations at this year's miami art basel it's made completely of sand in the 60 cars are already hit with visitors who like to snap selfies with the african child beautiful sculptor stumbled.


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